Selling your business?

Save The Broker FEE

You do not need a broker to sell most independently held small businesses you only need the proper information.

I have over 25 years of entrepreneurial and deal making experience, creating, managing, acquiring and selling small to mid-size companies. I have experience includes brick and mortar retail, publishing, trucking, distribution, and internet companies. Having owned and sold many companies over the years gives me a unique understanding of selling or buying a business.

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Why Give Away 10% of your money?

YOU worked HARD to build YOUR business!! Why give away 10% or more of the sale price??

Sale Price

$100,000 - Broker Fee $10,000

$200,000 - Broker Fee $20,000

$300,000 - Broker Fee $30,000

$400,000 - Broker Fee $40,000

$500,000 - Broker Fee $50,000

$600,000 - Broker Fee $60,000

$700,000 - Broker Fee $70,000

$800,000 - Broker Fee $80,000

Learning the facts about business brokers and their true success rate

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Perfect Quotes

  • Tom is a high-energy professional with strong people skills and a deep understanding of today’s Business Market. Tom is always one step ahead with his touted innovative thinking and managerial skills. I recommend Tom as one of the most hard working, determined, and market savvy Business Brokers in the business. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Tom over the last several years on various projects and I’ve enjoyed watching him stay extremely busy with buyers and sellers despite the sometimes volatile market conditions. I am further impressed by his knowledge of technology as well as the tools he uses to market the businesses he has for sale. He is extremely ambitious and positive and I look forward to watching his business continue to thrive for years to come Rhonda Stone

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